An essential part of renovating and performing a complete bathroom remodel for our Denver clients is figuring out the room’s layout – especially in small spaces. Renovating a small bathroom will require a high level of creativity from you.

Below, we discuss 5 solid tips to help you design and remodel a small bathroom.


One of the first things you want to do for a small shower remodeling in Denver is to save space by opting for a shower rather than a tub shower. You can free up much-needed space by clearing the tub and removing its mold. This will undoubtedly make your bathroom look bigger.

The new trend of "foregoing" a door or simply installing a glass wall to keep your shower 'open' to the rest of the room allows your room to look less encumbered. Another option is to install glass walls/doors that are mobile – can be moved in different directions – which allows additional space in the room, but also stops water from splashing all-around in your bathroom.

We consider this option more aesthetically pleasing, and it combines efficiency with beauty. You can use a similar concept for relaxation purposes by installing a foldable bench in your shower.

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Many Denver homeowners clog their small bathroom with unnecessary elements that take up space. You can make your bathroom bigger by making changes such as getting a vanity or slits without handles. If you have a radiator, you can easily replace that with heated flooring. This type of minimalist approach to your bathroom area will clear up much-needed space.

If you feel like it, we even suggest installing straight-lined and simple furnishing to solve your space problems.

3. Install a Mirrored, Recessed Medicine Cabinet  

Have you ever thought about installing a fully mirrored recessed medicine cabinet?

At Afina Group, we suggest that our Denver homeowners interested in bathroom remodeling choose the Recessed medicine cabinet. The cabinet sports a stylish beveled look with an inner compartment that is about 5 inches long – the standard depth of a wall.

small bathroom remodeling denver

To solidify your complete bathroom remodel, you can add these cabinets which are available in a variety of height and width, designed to accommodate different hair or face products you wish to store behind the mirror.

The cabinet has a fully mirrored interior so that you can see the stored products behind the glass.

4. Limit Yourself to Two Paint Colors (More Than That Feels Busy) 

Simple is classy. Going overboard on the wallpaper, mixing paint colors, patterned fabrics, and adding a ton of accessories is not the right way to achieve your dream bathroom remodeling. Denver clients should note that a simplistic approach will work wonders.

small bathroom ideas

Two colors are perfect for a small bathroom. Choose light neutral colors and allow our accessories to do the rest.

5. Bright more Light

Lighting is important. It is common knowledge that well-lit spaces convey a sense of larger space. Hence, if your budget permits, we suggest you use smart lights placed strategically around your bathroom. You can preset mood control to achieve a premium ambiance.

bathroom remodeling denver

Get rid of pendants that are close to the head/eye level as they make the ceiling, and by extension, the room smaller. The best decorative applications for a complete bathroom remodel are wall mount fixtures.

Just make sure those little bundles of joys don’t bump into them!